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Photography NC II Training Program

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, desirable attitudes, and skills in operating a camera and composing a subject; setting up studio lights, equipment, and accessories; performing post-production stages; and presenting finished products in accordance with the industry standards.

Nominal Duration: 132 hours

Unit of Competencies »

To obtain the full qualification training certificate, all units prescribed for this qualification must be achieved:

Basic Competencies

Unit of Competency Learning Outcomes
1. Participate in workplace communication 1. Obtain and convey workplace information
2. Complete relevant work related documents
3. Participate in workplace
2. Work in a team environment 1. Describe and identify team role and responsibility in a team
2. Describe work as a team member
3. Practice career professionalism 1. Integrate personal objectives with organizational goals
2. Set and meet work priorities
3. Maintain professional growth and development
4. Practice occupational health and safety 1. Evaluate hazards and risks
2. Control hazards and risks
3. Maintain occupational health and safety awareness

Common Competencies

Unit of Competency Learning Outcomes
1. Develop self as an artist 1. Identify and apply strategies to develop appropriate skills in art practice
2. Use discussion and evaluation opportunities to develop technical and conceptual skills
3. Develop own style through exploring and experimenting with new ideas in making and/ or interpreting work
2. Develop and update industry knowledge 1. Identify and access key sources of information on the industry
2. Access, apply and share industry information
3. Update continuously relevant industry knowledge
3. Perform computer operation 1. Identify and explain the functions, general features and capabilities of both hardware and software
2. Prepare and use appropriate hardware and software according to task requirements
3. Use appropriate devices and procedures to transfer files/ data
4. Produce accurate and complete data according to the requirements
5. Maintain computer system
4. Provide effective customer service 1. Apply effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills to respond to customer needs
2. Provide prompt and quality service to customer
3. Handle queries promptly and correctly in line with enterprise procedures
4. Handle customer complaints, evaluation and recommendations
5. Select and prepare work for exhibition 1. Identify the organizer and its criteria for selection of work for exhibition
2. Select and organize work to submit for exhibition

Core Competencies

Unit of Competency Learning Outcomes
1. Operate Camera and Compose A Subject 1. Operate the camera
2. Select and use lens
3. Address lighting and exposure 
4. Compose a subject
5. Experiment with techniques to capture photographic images
6. Review images
7. Restore equipment
2. Set Up Studio Lights, Equipment and Accessories 1. Plan lighting requirements
2. Prepare specific work environment 
3. Light the subject 
4. Capture image
5. Restore work environment and equipment
3. Perform Post Capture Processing 1. Prepare work environment for post capture processing
2. Process images by analog or digital means
3. Test techniques to produce proof sheet(s) 
4. Test techniques to make work-print(s) and screen images
5. Store photo images
6. Restore work environment and equipment
4. Present Finished Products 1. Prepare photo images and material for final packaging
2. Select appropriate printing equipment
3. Apply finishing touches
4. Package finished products

Entry Requirements »

Trainees or students wishing to enroll in this course should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be able to read, comprehend, and discuss printed information in English.
  • Be able to write simple statements, recognize numbers, and perform basic numeric calculations.
  • Must own or have access to a Digital SLR (DSLR) or Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (MILC)
  • Computer literate and willing to learn new software.
  • At least 18 years of age at the time they finishes the training program.

How to Register »

  • Submit the duly accomplished Learners Profile Form (MIS 03-01) to:
    – email address: tesda@pcci.edu.ph
    – subject: “Photography NC II Registration”
  • OR deliver directly to PCCI office:
    – Address: 2247 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.
    – Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
    – By appointment on Saturday and Sunday
  • For students 17 years old and below, a signed waiver from parent or guardian allowing the student to join location shoot within and outside Metro Manila (PCCI-TESDA F03).
  • Four pieces of passport-size colored photo
    – white background
    – shirt with collar
    – with name in front (digital name is acceptable)
  • Photocopy of any valid government ID (with full name and correct spelling).
  • Phtoocopy of birth certificate.

Rules on Attendance | Institutional Assessment»

Rules on Attendance

Students are required to attend classes regularly and on time, unless illness or family emergency occurs.

  • Only two (2) training days absences are allowed in one program schedule.
  • An absence of 1/2 of a day is equivalent to 1 day of absent.
  • In case of non-attendance
    - secure a medical certificate and retake the same unit of competency on the next available schedule
    - in the absence of a medical certificate, send a letter addressed to “PCCI Administrator”, stating the details of illness or emergency.

Retaking of the missed unit of competency is subject to approval.

Failure to meet the attendance requirements will forfeit the student's registration and will be disqualified from the program.

Insitutional Assessment

Insitutional assessment is undertaken by trainees to determine their achievement of units of competency. A certificate of achievement is issued for each unit of competency.

Program Fee | Installment Plans | Modes of Payment | Refund»

Program Fee

Regular program fee is ₱45,000 inclusive of assessment fee, class materials, printing of portfolio, lunch and snacks.

Installment Plans

PCCI offers installment plan to students. Payment schedule will be given upon registration.

  Amount Due Payment Due
A. Installment    
Registration Fee ₱1,000 Upon reservation of slot
Downpayment ₱15,000 15 days before the start of the class
1st installment ₱15,000 15 days after the start of the class
2nd installment ₱14,000 30 days after the start of the class
Total Amount Due ₱45,000  
B. Full Payment    
Tuition Fee ₱45,000  
Less discount: -₱3,000  
Total Amount Due ₱42,000 Upon reservation of slot
Modes of Payment
  1. Direct payment
    – Deliver the payment (cash, check or credit card) to our office. Check is payable to Philippine Center for Creative Imaging, Inc.
  2. Bank deposit
    – Deposit the payment to any Banco de Oro (BDO) branch, in favor of Philippine Center for Creative Imaging Inc, S/A 429-0078357.

Then email the copy of the deposit slip or online transfer slip with your name and qualification written legibly on it.


A student who has paid their tuition fee and who wishes to withdraw their registration shall be entitled to a refund.

(a) Registration fee of ₱1,000 is not refundable.
(b) Payment is not more than 1 month from the date of receipt.

  Refundable Amount
  for full payment upon registration after payment of ₱15,000 downpayment
Withdrawal on or before the start of class ₱41,000 ₱14,000
Withdrawal after the start of class ₱33,600 ₱12,000
Withdrawal after attending atleast 5 days of the program ₱0 ₱0

Training for Work Sholarship Program (TWSP) »

TESDA, thru accredited training centers like PCCI, offers several scholarship grants. These scholarship grants are subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply

Scholarship Beneficiaries Qualifications

A. Scholarship is for those who do not have capacity to pay the program fees. Priority shall be given to the following:

  • Those without prior formal or vocational trainings
  • Those coming from regions or provinces where the absolute number of poor residents and the incidence of poverty are high, as identified in the latest official poverty statistics of the PSA-NSCB
  • Persons with disability (PWDs)
  • Indigenous people
  • Solo parents and their children
  • Senior citizens shall be afforded access to scholarships opportunities in the qualifications/courses where they can qualify
  • OFW returnees
  • Members of the families of AFP and PNP personnel killed in military and police operations
  • Can either be out-of-school youths, TVET trainers or industry workers obtaining skills upgrading training programs
  • Other marginalized groups may also avail of the scholarship program subject to pre-qualification.

B. Must not be currently a beneficiary of other government educational scholarship and subsidy program.

C. Must be at least 18 years old at the time the scholar finishes the training.

Scholarship Application Mechanics
  • Submit the duly accomplished application form (MIS 03-01) to:
    – Email address: tesda@pcci.edu.ph
    – Subject: “Photography NC II Scholarship Application”
  • OR deliver directly to PCCI office:
    – Address: 2247 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.
    – Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
    – By appointment on Saturday and Sunday

If the applicant pass the preliminary screening process, the Scholarship Committee (SC) will schedule them for an interview.

On the basis of application form and interview, the SC will pick the scholars. The decision of the Scholarship Committee (SC) is final.

Entry Requirements for Qualified Scholars
  • Four pieces of 1 x 1 colored photo
  • Four pieces of passport-size colored photo
    – white background
    – shirt with collar
    – with name in front (digital name is acceptable)
  • Photocopy of any valid government ID (with full name and correct spelling).
  • Photocopy of birth certificate.
Terms and Conditions
  • Each scholar will be given a schedule of classes that they should attend. Attendance to all the classes is a must.
  • Each scholar has full scholarship which means they do not need to pay anything for the program. However, lunch and snacks won’t be provided.
  • At any time, a scholar can quit the program for whatever reason without incurring any penalty or charges. However, they cannot be reinstated in the Photography NC II scholarship, nor can they assign the remaining portion of the scholarship to another person.
  • At any time, a scholar can be removed from the program for absences or if the Scholarship Committee (SC), in consultation with the trainer in the program, deems that the candidate does not have the necessary skills or capacity to finish the program or has not displayed enthusiasm or interest in class.



9:00 am to 5:00 pm


₱45,000 inclusive of VAT.

Includes materials and meals.

Be sure to read the Registration Info before registering.


Note: Your seat is not confirmed until we receive a 50 percent down payment.

Course Date(s)

Deposit payment at your nearest Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch, in the name of Philippine Center for Creative Imaging, S/A 1-249-91545-5. Fax deposit slip to 892-5281 with your name and class details. Surrender deposit slip on first day of class to get official receipt.

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